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Laura Vivian is a mother and was a daughter, she was the victim of numerous acts of assault by her father; she fights to protect and bring healing to the victimized. Laura Vivian is a former Fortune 500 leader, speaker, author, and educator. Laura is the author of This Should Never Have Happened, a true-life account of Laura, a child whose mother was only physically present, and a father’s force that was ever present, imposing sexual terror upon their seven children.

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This Should Never Have Happened
is the true-life experiences of Laura, a child whose mother is present in body only while her father emotionally, physically, and sexually imposes horrific terror upon his seven children. Nightmarish memories are locked away in her mind until shortly following the elderly man’s death, when shocking recollections erupt like a violent volcano, spewing years of unspeakable pain and torment.

Journey with Laura as she recalls graphic details and images from turbulent days and brutal nights at the hands of her sadistic father. Witness, through the frightened eyes of a small girl as she grows into a young woman, the escalating intensity of one man’s savage treatment of the children he was supposed to cherish and protect.


You will be touched forever by this book…

The author is an amazing, brave women. I couldn’t put the book down and read it in less than 24 hours and I shed a lot of tears. This is a book everyone should read. I pray for healing for this family.


5 out of 5 stars

The writer was so honest with such a difficult experience.


Bravo Miss Laura

I was totally impressed Miss Laura’s way of writing. I’ve suggested this to others just to make them realize abuse does go on!!! Not all abuse is with a belt. I personally know of two little girls that were adopted by their uncle because their dad was selling them to his friends for booze.


A very powerful book about a topic that is hard …

A very powerful book about a topic that is hard to comprehend. Extremely well written…….and hard to put down. I am sure this was a difficult book to write………however maybe it will help someone out there in the same situation. Hope this writer continues to give us more books.


5 out of 5 stars

This story is written from the perspective of the little …

This story is written from the perspective of the little girl. Such a hard book to put down. The resilience of this child to keep moving forward in life is inspiring!


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